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Graduate and undergraduate students in all degree programs, including the Music Education, Music Therapy, and General Music, as well as those pursuing non-music degrees, are eligible to participate in the opera program and receive the training and performance experience it offers. Graduate students and advanced undergraduates may also obtain experience in stage direction or opera workshop curriculum and administration through the teaching of classes and workshops in areas of their specialty or interest including, but not limited to, acting, audition techniques, movement and dance, and role preparation.  A DMA secondary concentration in opera stage direction and workshop pedagogy is now available.


SUMMER 2018 – In recent seasons, every graduate student and senior in the opera program has either worked professionally as a young artist or participated in workshops or programs for advanced training throughout the country including Opera Saratoga, Ashlawn Opera, Utah Festival Opera, Greensboro Light Opera & Song, Birmingham Music Club Opera, Red River Lyric Opera, Natchez Festival of Music, Druid City Opera Workshop, and the Russian Opera Workshop.  In the summer of 2018, our students will represent UA at Birmingham Music Club, Red River Lyric Opera, BayView Music Festival, the Harrower Opera Workshop, and others.

NEWS ON OUR COACHES – The UA Opera Theatre  and Voice Area are pleased to welcome Maestro Laurie Rogers to the faculty.  Professor Rogers joins us as Instructor of Music and Associate Music Director of Opera starting August 2018.  We will continue to welcome additional coaches for teaching residencies; recent seasons have brought Thomas Bagwell, Christy Lee, Amanda Johnston, and others to our campus.