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Begun in November 2013, the Opera Guild at The University of Alabama (OG@UA) has four purposes:

  • to support student artists in the UA Opera Theatre program
  • to increase the number of ticket purchasers, donors, and fans
  • to enhance the visibility of opera at UA, in Tuscaloosa, and beyond
  • to extend opera through outreach and education for diverse audiences in the community

Activities of the Guild include hosting receptions, providing greeters for opera theatre performances, and organizing events to showcase opera and student singers while providing support for UA’s opera theatre program in the School of Music.

We welcome new members, so if you or someone you know would be interested please contact Elizabeth Aversa by e-mail at eaversa@slis.ua.edu or by calling 205-556-8886.

Guild meetings are held monthly with interim communication by e-mail, telephone, and personal contact.

For More Information

Visit the Guild’s website at www.uaoperguild.org for updated information and events. Contact Elizabeth Aversa at eaversa@slis.ua.edu for more info or to ask how to join!

Patience, Fall 2014

Patience, Fall 2014